Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's in a Name?

As a technology writer for more than 30 years now, blogging seems like a busman's holiday more than a trendy promotional activity. Still, many events over the last few weeks have pushed my buttons; "Gee, I should write that up somewhere", I've thought on several occasions.

The only stumbling block has been coming up with an incredibly witty, punny, title for a blog. In the end, falling back on the breadth of my early education, I decided simply to name the thing in Latin. Now there's class.

You figure it out.


Pseudonym said...

Speaking as a geek much of whose misspent youth involved typing in BASIC programs from "Your Computer"... thanks!

You are going to post some of your cartoons, right?

Les Bell said...

'struth, Psuedonym, you have a long memory!

The cartoons, unfortunately, are probably still copyright of the original artist, Brendan Ackhurst (otherwise known as B.J. Ankleblurter). I might be able to put something up, though. But would you believe, I only have one copy of "Your Computer", and I had to buy that off eBay?